We specialize in bring your goals into reality, custom tailored to each client to ensure maximum results.


“Theo Jones brings a wealth of professional training and life knowledge to the coaching experience. He creates a safe yet open environment for his clients, with deep listening and compassionate support, along with a gentle sense of humor, which allows them to explore challenges, strategize solutions and create viable goals with grace and ease.”
PG - Phoenix
“Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for the great service. I’m finding new ways to improve my life every day and find that this has been the most incredible journey. I have never thought this is for me, but Theo removes all the worry, frustration and angst that had been holding me back.”
David G
Theo literally saved my life! My drug addiction took me down a dark and painful road towards death. I came to Theo for drug addiction coaching. Theo use NLP, life coaching and timeline therapies, helped me overcome any desire to continue to use drugs.